Why Use Brookstone Property Management

Why Property Owners Use Brookstone

We serve property owners and tenants across Southern Utah specializing in the St. George, Washington, Hurricane, and Cedar City, Utah regions.

Brookstone Property Management includes a team of knowledgeable specialists prepared to deal with the high demands of property management. We know the best properties in the region and how to make them work for you, with less costly interruptions for you. We are licensed and insured and eager to save you money by avoiding mistakes.

Find Quality Tenants - Tenant Screening

Brookstone Property Management screens and monitors potential tenants. We know that as a property owner you want the best assurance possible that your property is well maintained and that your tenants are trustworthy. Our tenant screening process results in reliable tenants who pay on time, put less wear and tear on your property, and generally cause fewer problems. Our experience allows us to analyze the applications for warning signs.

Your Eyes And Ears

We monitor the condition of your property and keep in contact with you regarding the tenant. If an unpleasant situation arises that requires the tenant be evicted or the lease terminated, Brookstone Property Management will be there to assist in what can often be costly and time consuming legal difficulties. Having Brookstone Property Management as your property management service greatly reduces your worries and financial responsibilities.

Rent Collection

Brookstone Property Management is responsible for collecting all rents, thereby putting a buffer between yourself and the tenant. With Brookstone Property Management’s extensive knowledge, we know what properties are best for renting and how best to market your properties. After an extensive market study, we charge a decent rental price to best avoid a low vacancy rate.

Compliance And Regulations

Brookstone Property Management also makes sure that you are in compliance with any housing regulations and property laws for local, state and federal regulations.

So You Can Relax

No matter if you live at a great distance from your property, Brookstone Property Management is your eyes and ears when it comes to managing your property and the tenant renting it. Hiring a property management company is a small price to pay when Brookstone Property Management affords you comfort and freedom from tedious day to day responsibilities that come when renting a property. With Brookstone Property Management, you can relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people don’t realize how much there is to finding and managing good tenants and properties. Between the pre-screening process, contracts, tenants, rent collections, maintenance issues and leasing renewals, there is a lot that goes into managing your rental property.

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